Friday, May 19, 2017

[Book Blogger Hop] May 19th - 25th

Book Blogger Hop

Book Blogger Hop is a weekly meme hosted by Ramblings of a Coffee Addict Writer, where you answer a question and join a "hop". The purpose is to help bloggers discover and get to know one another. 

This Week's Question: 
What do you do with books you no longer want? Do you donate them? Do you take them to a half-price bookstore? Does a friend or family member benefit? 

My Answer:
Over the years, I have done a number of things.

The very first time I sorted my books, I was in middle school and I ended up donating two HUGE boxes to my local library.

When I was in college, I sold a bunch of books to a couple of second hand shops because I really needed the money. I also tried selling on websites like, but really didn't have much success there.

Right before I moved in with my boyfriend, I really cut my collection down to only the books that I truly loved, and donated the rest to a local second hand shop. We were moving into a very tiny space, so the cut-back was super necessary!

Since then, it has really varied. Most of the time I will ask a friend or family member if they want the book before I move on to either donating or trying to sell back. Then whether I try to sell back or donate depends on how many books there are. If there are five or more, I will try to sell back first. If there are only a couple I will just donate them.

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  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog! Almost all of my books on my Kindle are either ARCs that I got free or books that were no more than 5.99, a majority of them were free to $1.99 in price. I don't like paying full price, so I'll wait for a really good price drop or get from my library (usually Overdrive).

    1. I am the same way with my Kindle books! Until they get the ebook pricing finally figured out... I just cannot justify paying $10+ for an ebook when most of the hardcover books I buy are $1-$5 at a local thrift shop.

  2. Donating is good. I usually haven't had much success with selling them so donating is the next best option.

    I like to donate but ask friends and family first too.

    Have a good weekend.

    Happy Hopping!!

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    1. I never had much success selling them either. Though I did have one incredible store that bought books back for a great price! I don't know how they did it... I was always SO thankful!

  3. I wish there was a way to exchange books for an e-book copy on Amazon!! I have so many books I liked in college but don't have the room for them!

  4. I'm similar. When I had a big pile, I put them on Gumtree. One or two, I'll give to a friend or charity.

  5. I can really relate to having to move into a smaller place, and thus, having to get rid of part of one's book collection. That's what I had to do when my husband and I moved into our condo in March, 2015. It was SO sad, having to donate that many books....

    It's great that you have family members and friends who are readers! I have no one around me who would want to take any unwanted books off my hands, so I end up donating them to my local Goodwill store. eBay and Amazon are out -- too many headaches! Lol.

    Thanks for sharing! Also, thanks for stopping by and commenting on my BBH post!! <3 :)

    1. Oh my gosh, selling on eBay is ridiculous. I had some luck there selling things in the past, but I also have horror stories... definitely not worth the hassle!!